Chief Editor

Denise Gardner

Gardner has got an MBA from University of Aberdeen, located in the heart of UK’s oil and gas industry. Not surprisingly, her main interest lies in small cap stocks, but she usually compares it with large cap stocks. She is continuously broadening her horizon. She also present important information from latest sell-side research in some of her articles, which is otherwise not available to ordinary investors.

Editors Staff:

Nicola Day

I cover energy and airlines for Press Recorder, and I help out occasionally with other industry sectors. I’ve written about investment and personal finance topics for more than 20 years from a lowly copywriter to editor-in-chief, so I’ve done a little bit of everything. For what it’s worth, I have a BA from Duke University and an MBA from Rollins College.

Daisy Galbraith

I cover various equities that interest me and writes about these equities from a unique and “out of the box” perspective. Over the years I’ve built a network of resources within the sectors I write about. I started investing in 2003 as a hobby, and since it has grown to be my passion. I have been studying the works of Ben Graham, Buffett, Howard Marks, Martin Whitman and many more thought leaders. I believe that the human mind is limited, mine including :), hence I find it easier for us to aggregate and categorize investment opportunities into “themes”. A “theme” thus aggregates situations that have common attributes, and which I had learnt that often have a good chance to play out favorly.

Ethane Eddington


I am an independent trader and economic researcher providing coverage of forex, market indices and general macroeconomic conditions. I have graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in Economics. I have contributed to major financial websites and print publications for several years. I believe big money is made from big ideas. Therefore, I identify and understand catalysts for change; filter market noise and search for the stocks that are most relevant to the identified change; and produce high-quality substantive, intellectually rigorous research.

Melissa Arnold

I specialize in markets, global business and opinion. I have a good understanding of economics, an analytical mind allied with instinct that helps me to take the right strategic decisions. People describe me as being enthusiastic, keeping relaxed in stress situation, pleasant to work with, direct but always friendly and determined. I love to work within a team, listen to others and to share information. I’m decisive and take decisions when needed.